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Living here in the Northern Panhandle of Idaho, we take life a little more simply. Yes we have most of the modern conveniences of the western world, but we choose to build, construct and generally take care of our basic needs in a simpler manner. Instead of purchasing all the new tools needed to make someone self sufficient and use a credit card or worse, take out a second mortgage to pay for them, we choose to buy older equipment and re-furbish it or better yet, build a custom version with new and re-claimed materials!


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My Wife and I will share our journey to self sufficiency using Old world and Modern craftsmanship techniques that we have developed over the last 15 years in our many facets of small business adventures. Our video logs of these adventures will hopefully inspire others to become more self sufficient and less reliant on box stores. We hope to break you out of the mindless societal purchasing need by fueling your soul & inspiring you to try and become the person that you were meant to be!

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It is our belief that all people have a touch of artisan in them!  Our hope is that the Items we make and sell on this website will sustain us first and foremost, and fuel our souls during the creation of the build so we can lead an Absolute Idaho Life and hopefully lead you to the same simple styled life in your beautiful neck of the woods!


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